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Re: Analysis Winrate for Fast Forward nl100 I tried fast forward nl25 just to see how it plays got -2bb over 100k hands I have millions hands sample on stars zoom 50-100 with 4bb. I guess I will try to 6 table 4zoom tables 2 fast forward and see if I can breakeaven.

Fast Forward - Understanding Turbine Power - Poker Runs… Poker Runs America is North America premiere promoter of poker runs. Their website and magazine showcase the latest in offshore racing and high-performance powerboats, along with event listings and a rundown in all the latest racing tech. Fast forward - Wikipedia To fast-forward is to move forward through a recording at a speed faster than that at which it would usually be played. The recordings are usually audio, video or computer data. It is colloquially known as 'f- forwarding'.

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When playing fast forward games you can’t table select, which is bad for a professional poker player. We can earn more money if we select our seat and get position on the fish. This is also why pros have a higher win rate in regular games; in fast forward games, we need to battle regs a lot more often. Fast Forward Poker Session at PartyPoker (Rush / Zoom ...

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fastforward is poker – just faster. Let’s face it – there’s a lot of waiting around in poker. You get dealt your cards then you have to wait for your turn, even if all you want to do is fold. That’s why we created fastforward. It’s exactly the same as regular poker except we’ve cut out all the boring stuff.

Tony G Talks About Fast Forward Poker - YouTube Fast Forward poker on PartyPoker is where the action is. Category Sports; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. PartyPoker Weekly: VIP Oktoberfest Is Here, Fast Forward Poker Launched And Much More | PokerNews PartyPoker Weekly: VIP Oktoberfest Is Here, Fast Forward Poker Launched And Much More ... PartyPoker has entered the world of "fast-fold" poker by ... If you look down and find the lowly staring ... Fast-Forward Poker FAQ | New Jersey Online Poker | playMGM Fast-Forward Poker FAQ. What does the ‘Forward Fold’ button do? The ‘Forward Fold’ button will move you to a new table before the action hits you. Players at your table won’t even know you have folded until it’s your turn to act. You’ll find the ‘Forward Fold’ button in the same position as the regular ‘Fold’ button.