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Even though most poker articles on the internet go on and on about how easy it is to beat online Texas Hold'em nowadays, because of the apparently endless number of new players flocking to online poker rooms, I beg to differ. Wombol Poker: Why is playing poker so hard! So have been trying and trying to get myself ready to start playing poker full time and every step of the way I have encountered some dip stick problem! Why I Am a Tournament Poker Player | PokerNews Among other things, visitors will find a daily dose of articles with the latest poker news, live reporting from tournaments, exclusive videos, podcasts and so much more. Winning at 3-card poker can be tough - SFGate

Ceramic poker chips by nature have hard flat surfaces. Some manufacturers then used a post production treatment that coated the chips with something akin to tiny drops/nubbles of rubber, which really makes them quite pleasant to use. However the treatment wears off quickly and then you are back to hard and slippery ceramic chips.

How to Profit at Micro Poker Games with 3 Simple Strategies Adapt to the new style of online micro stakes poker games with these proven strategy tips. Crush it with 2,000+ words from the world's best micro pro. Pai Gow Poker - Learn to Play Internet Pai Gow Poker Learn to play Pai Gow Poker online and find the best casinos to play.

Low limit poker is about being disciplined pure and simple. Too often I see better players do what I call the dummy down effect. They lower their standards to the players around them at the table. Watching hand after hand go by, they become impatient and move away from his/her game plan.

Why Poker Is So Hard for AI - news.yahoo.com A machine can calculate the exact odds of a particular card or group of cards landing in the flop, so in that way it's far more equipped than a human. The difficulty lies in the fact that in poker, players can't see their opponent's hand. Why is Zoom Poker so Tough? « Poker Practice Blog Tight is Right. Fast poker variants are much tighter than what many people are used to. One of the big reasons why is because players don’t have much information on opponents since they’re constantly being whisked away to new tables. So players tend to rely heavily on their cards/table position, rather than reads on opponents.

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Why is it so hard to quit gambling?So if you say “you quit poker”, many would just jump and say “you fail in poker so you quit, hahaha”. (I added “hahaha” for dramatic purpose.) How Do You Know If You've Played A Poker Hand Correctly?